Background - Kina

3-Star was founded in 1950 by Aage Jensen. He was a skilled butcher and had a particular interest in the salami production.

In 1967 Aage Jensen took over his former apprenticeship, Horsens Public Slaughterhouse, and converted it into a factory. The factory is still placed in Horsens. 

The Danish consumers enjoyed the saline and smoked salami which characteristic taste is made by a special brine. The salamis are brine-salted in up to six weeks. 

Today 3-Star still produce the red/white salami based upon the founder Aage Jensen’s recipe and production method. 

3-Star in recent times

2000 3-Star was sold and became part of the Swedish owned company Sardus situated in Helsingborg.

In February 2006, extra 11.000 square meter production facilities were ready for use

Today the Finnish food group Atria holds the ownership of Sardus.