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    We are a reliable, innovative and flexible partner for the professionals within the foodservice & industrial segment. Our range of product comprises of cooked, cured or dry fermented delicatessen products in stick formats or sliced. We would be happy to supply you our standard products or products tailored specifically further to your desires

    Sliced Salami, Mortadella sticks, Salami sticks - Shelf- life:  6- 12 months (Max 5° C)

    Salami geschnitten, Mortadella Stück, Salami Stück - Haltbarkeit: 6 - 12 Monaten (Max. 5° C)

    Salami prétranché, Mortadella pièces entiers, Salami pieces entiers - DLC: 6 -12  mois (Max.  5° C)


Food Service