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Pepperoni from 3-Star is a sausage of the exact taste and character it takes to perfect a pizza. It is made only from the best ingredients. We are able to produce and pack our pepperoni just the way you prefer it: sliced and packed in retail packages, in catering packages, or as sticks with precisely the taste your customers prefer. 

Sliced Salami 1kg, Sliced Pepperoni 1kg, Sliced Hot Pepperoni 1kg, Sliced Chorizo 1kg - Shelf- life:  3 - 6 months (Max 5° C) - Shelf- life:  12 months (-18° C)

Salami geschnitten 1kg, Pepperoni geschnitten 1kg, Pepperoni scharf geschnitten 1kg, Chorizo geschnitten 1kg - Haltbarkeit: 3 - 6 Monaten (Max. 5° C) - Haltbarkeit: 12 Monaten (-18° C)

Salami prétranché 1kg, Pepperoni prétranché 1kg, Pepperoni fort prétranché 1kg, Chorizo prétranché 1kg - DLC: 3- 6 mois (Max.  5° C) - DLC: 12 mois (-18° C)